Where Can I Sell Sterling Silver Platters?

Whether you need to sell your silver platter right away or are hoping to command the best price for your heirloom platter, there are numerous ways to sell your sterling silver.

Silver Dealer

Before doing so, clean the platter with a rag and silver polish to make it more attractive to potential buyers. .

Silver dealers or silver shops will buy sterling silver platters and are easy to locate in a telephone directory.

Pawn Shop

Pawn shops purchase silver platters, though the sales prices will not be as high as other buyers might pay. This is the fastest option for someone needing immediate cash.

Antique Shop

Antique or curiosity shops may accept silver platters and are easy to locate using the telephone directory. Some shops may prefer to purchase the platters outright, while others will offer you a percentage of the sales value, a term called consignment.

Classified Ad

Placing a classified advertisement in your local newspaper or an online forum such as Craigslist can help sell silver platters. Provide images of your sterling silver platter if planning to sell through an online classified listing.

Auction Site

Ebay and other Internet auction sites can be effective places to sell your sterling silver platter, provided you present several images of the platter and craft an accurate description.


Replacements.com is an online flatware china and silver retailer that allows anyone to list sterling silver items for sale. Replacements.com caters to people who need to replace missing items in their silver or china collection.

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