What is Lampe Berger Good For?

The Lampe Berger is an innovative system that cleanses the air in your home and provides a long-lasting fragrance. The Lampe Berger features the AIR PR System 3C(R) burner which diffuses fragrances throughout the room.

Improving Air Quality

The Lampe Berger does more than cloak your room in fragrance. The Lampe Berger actually eliminates odor-causing molecules in the air through the process of catalytic oxidation.

How it Breaks Down Molecules

The Lampe Berger features a ceramic catalytic burner with platinum around its outer edge. The odor-causing molecules are actually attracted to the heat generated by the catalysis and then broken down and prevented from recombining.

Deodorizing Smoky Areas

The Lampe Berger is extremely effective in eliminating cigarette smoke and odors from cooking from the air.

Perfuming the Home

Perfume your home with any of the fragrances offered by Lampe Berger. By burning a Lampe Berger for just 20 to 30 minutes, you can add fragrance to your home for hours.

Choosing a Fragrance for Diffusion

The fragrances offered by Lampe Berger contain Isopropanol, osmosed water, and natural and synthetic concentrates that contribute to the olfactory diffusion of the oil. Choose from the wide selection of scents available and freshen any room.