Bathroom Plumbing Problems

Bathroom plumbing problems can be solved by a little research and an ambitious do-it-yourself repair, or they may be so complicated that no one but a professional could tackle them. Carefully consider the level of commitment it takes to finish a project before starting any bathroom plumbing repair.


A leaky faucet is a common bathroom plumbing problem.

A clog happens when sink, toilet, or shower water drain slowly. Clogs can be come so severe that water backs up from where it should drain.


Drips are a running toilet or faucet that continues to run once you have flushed or turned off the water. The solution may be as simple as checking the handles or replacing a washer to calling a professional if the problem is either inaccessible or needs special tools to fix.


Leaks problems in a bathroom can range from simple cracked washers on a sink or bathtub to compression fittings gone awry. Leaks can sometimes be easily fixed, but may require a professional if welding or soldering becomes necessary.

Toilet Clogs

A most likely candidate for the most common bathroom plumbing problem is the clogged toilet. Clogged toilets can generally be fixed with a basic plunger. If the clog is stubborn a closet auger may be needed to loosen the clog.

Toilet Seal

A problem with plumbing that may cause bathroom flooding is a bad toilet seal. A standard toilet has five seal points. If any of them is bad there might end up being between one and five gallons of water on the floor per flush.

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