Do Attic Fans Really Work?

An attic fan is an effective means to assist in cooling your house when installed correctly and under appropriate circumstances. Attic fans work to cool the attic, so that heat from the attic does not radiate into the home.


Attic fans work well when used correctly.

Attic fans should be installed, as implied, in the attic of your home. They can be installed into the roof or into an attic wall. Place the fan in a location where airflow will not be obstructed. The location of the attic fan can determine how effective it will be in cooling the attic.

Air Flow

Attic fans force the hot air out of the attic by drawing in cooler air from outside. To create this air flow, the attic must be fitted with plenty of vents around the perimeter. Productive airflow maximizes the effectiveness of an attic fan, while too little venting can create a vacuum and restrict the flow of cooler air from outside.

Air Conditioning

An attic fan can help reduce temperatures inside the home by a small amount. But they also help reduce the work required by the air conditioner to cool the inside air. Used in conjunction with an air conditioning unit, attic fans relieve some of the stress on the air conditioner and minimize the amount of time the air conditioner must be on to reach the desired temperature. Use both air conditioning and an attic fan on hot days to keep the house cool and at the same time reduce the load on the air conditioner.