What Is MDF Construction?

MDF construction is construction using medium-density fiberboard, an engineered wood product constructed from wood fibers glued together under the action of heat. Its main advantages as a construction material are its density and durability, but it may be made from 100 percent recycled wood fibers, so is kind to the environment.

MDF Characteristics

MDF is cheaper than real wood, resistant to damage caused by water and easy to cut, drill or machine. It also presents a smooth, knot-free surface that can be painted, varnished or laminated directly, without any prior preparation.


MDF is ideal as a wall covering, offering better resilience to wear and tear and temperature changes than, say, particleboard or plastic wall panels. It also possesses good insulation properties.


MDF is uniform in thickness and may be used for the construction of interior doors. Thin MDF may be used to create door skins; or door skins may be laminated to the edge of an MDF board, so that the face of the board becomes the edge of the door.