Asbestos Siding Removal Costs

Asbestos siding was used on homes until the 1970s.

Average Price

Removal of this potentially hazardous substance is typically done by a professional who has experience working with asbestos and the disposal of such products. The average cost of the job depends on the amount of siding removed. .

According to Asbestos Removal Cost, the price of removing asbestos starts at around $500 for a simple job. For asbestos siding, expect to pay a minimum of $1,000 and in most cases, several thousand dollars based on 2010 data.


The contractor you hire to remove the siding should include the cost of disposal in the estimate or original quote. Disposing of the siding yourself is fairly costly and may even double the cost of removal.


Never remove the asbestos siding yourself, unless you have experience in the field and access to the proper gear. When you cut into the siding, it sends asbestos particles in the air, which can cause serious medical problems when inhaled.

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