Pros & Cons of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

When faced with the choice of replacing or refacing kitchen cabinets, home owners have a decision to make. Should they spend more for new cabinets or attempt to preserve the cabinets that are already in place?


Refacing existing kitchen cabinets can save time and money.

It takes less time to reface than to totally replace your kitchen cabinets, so you'll have less "down" time and it will cost less than replacing. There are more options than ever as to color and style of refaced cabinets, so you can create the look you're going for in your kitchen. It's an environmentally sound choice as it extends the life of your cabinets, rather than putting them in a landfill.


Damage to the existing cabinets can be difficult to repair to your satisfaction during refacing. You can change the appearance of your cabinets through refacing, but not the basic design, which may be a disadvantage if you'd rather have a distinctly different look.

Special Considerations

According to Home Improvement Projects, an online home improvement site, kitchen cabinets account for half the cost of remodeling a kitchen. Not only will the choice you make impact your personal budget, it could also impact the market value of your home should you decide to sell it.

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