Home Remedies to Get Rid of Wasps

Wasps perform a necessary task in the garden: They help to pollinate flowers. On the other hand, wasps have a nasty sting that can cause anything from a mild skin rash to a trip to the hospital for someone who is allergic to the venom. Unlike a bee that loses its stinger and dies, a wasp can sting multiple times. Keeping wasps in their place or getting rid of them completely can be accomplished using home remedies. Whatever method you choose, be sure to wear thick, protective clothing.

Time Them

Wasps may be small, but they have a big sting.

Go after the wasps in early June, when the nest has been established but is still small. Night is the best time because all of the wasps will be in the nest. It is also better to go after them while the nighttime temperatures are below 50 degrees F, as wasps do not fly well in colder temperatures.

Find Them

Wasps build their nests under the eaves of houses and in trees. In June, the nests will still be small, so they will be harder to find. Check out all of the possible nesting places and do so more than once in case you miss them the first time around.

Eliminate Them

Use a spray bottle and douse the nest with kerosene. The fumes alone will kill the wasps. Alternatively, light a small fire under the nest. The smoke will begin choking the wasps, forcing them to leave. Once the wasps are gone, knock down the nest, so they will have no place to return to. For a less extreme method, try cucumber, which repels wasps. Cut up cucumbers and leave the slices on the outside window sills, around the barbecue area, and in other problem areas.