The Perfect Height of a Wood Working Bench

Finding the perfect height of a wood working bench is dependent on one important factor, the craftsman that will be using it. The perfect height is one that makes the workbench most comfortable to use.

General Height

Finding the ideal height for your workbench makes your work more comfortable.

Workbenches range in height from 30 inches up to 40 inches, measured at the top of the bench surface. At this height, the vises are attached a few inches below that height, positioning both edge and face work at about the same place.


The suggested method for discovering your personal ideal height is to measure from the crease of your wrist to the floor. Take this measurement with your arms hanging at your side, and wearing the shoes or boots you anticipate using in the shop.


The intended use for the workbench is another factor that may change the ideal height of the bench. The suggested measurement in the preceding section is ideal for many woodworking activities such as sawing and planing that find your arms at full extension. A bench for carving or detailed scroll sawing might be more comfortable when built to a taller measurement.

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