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Do U.S. Washers and Dryers Work in Germany?

Doug Leenhouts

While most American travelers do not bring large appliances to Europe, some long term visitors wonder about bringing a higher capacity washer and dryer with them. In general, large American appliances will not work in Germany.

Electrical Connections

Many Europeans line dry their clothes instead of using a dryer.

American electricity is transmitted to houses with a frequency of 60 Hertz, while European electricity is delivered at 50 Hertz. American washers and dryers have motors that operate with 60 Hertz electricity, making them incompatible since they will be running at 5/6th the speed that they are designed for.


While some small appliances like laptops and cameras can be charged using a plug and voltage adapter, these adapters will not accept the type of plug that American dryers use. According to german-way.com, you can save up to 50 percent on buying a German washer and dryer in America and have it shipped overseas.


Instead of bringing your appliances with you to Germany, you can purchase a set in Europe. This removes any compatibility concerns. Take it a step further and eliminate the dryer altogether; it is common for Europeans to line dry their clothes.