Natural Fire Ant Repellent

Anytime you see fire ants inside your home or around your yard, you face a serious problem, especially because this type of ant will bite. Natural fire ant repellents keep the fire ants away from your home and protect your family.


Fire ants are attracted to certain scents, such as sweet smells, and are repelled by bitter or harsh scents. Peppermint, coffee grounds, hot pepper and vinegar are strong scents that repel fire ants in and around your home.


Locate specific areas where fire ants enter your home or if outside, look for fire ant nests or any congregation of the ants. Sprinkle dried products around those areas, including hot pepper or coffee grounds. Or, spray peppermint oil or vinegar in those areas.


Apply one type of natural repellent and if you notice fire ants still appearing, use one of the other methods until one scent repels the ants completely.

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