Vinyl Windows Vs. Composite Windows

When replacing or installing windows in your home, you have options that include steel, aluminum, vinyl, wood and composite frames. Vinyl and composite windows are similar in many ways but have a different appearance, which should be considered when deciding which style to choose for your home.


Vinyl windows are composed of PVC, a type of plastic. Composite windows are created using a variety of materials that typically include wood on the inside of the window and aluminum or vinyl blends on the outside.


Both composite and vinyl windows are very functional. Both types are energy-efficient, moisture-resistant designs that can withstand hot and cold temperatures well.


Vinyl windows can be purchased in a variety of colors but cannot be painted, so you must stick with the hue that you choose. They also have a distinctly "plastic" appearance. Composite windows can typically be painted and have the appearance of wood without incurring the cost of wood frames.


Vinyl windows are a cost-effective choice for windows. Composite windows are slightly more expensive, though they are less costly than most wood-framed windows.

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