What is a Water Service Line?

A water service line brings fresh, clean water to your home from the water company's connection through a pipe. Property owners are only responsible for repairs required to the water line on their own property.

Water Service Line Maintenance

Homeowners should know their water service line location.

Water service line pipes may deteriorate on the inside due to water corrosion or on the outside due to moisture, shifting earth or tree roots. According to aacounty.org, service may be required due to poor water quality or loss of water pressure.

The city or county water line maintenance division is responsible for preventative maintenance and emergency repairs

Water Service Line Location and Shut off Valve

Homeowners should be aware of the water service line location on their property and the shut off valve in case of an emergency. City or county records may provide some information for homeowners about water service lines that run onto private property.

Water Service Line Materials

According to unitedutilities.com, the preferred pipe material is blue MDPE and should be protected from corrosion which would result in contaminated water. The water service line should be watertight as well as strong and thick to resist any external damage.