What Is a Microfiber Gel Pillow?

Using the wrong pillow at night could lead to a bad night's sleep, an aching neck or back troubles. A microfiber gel pillow, which is touted as helpful for allergy sufferers and those with pain, may be a good investment if you are on the hunt for a new pillow.


Microfiber gel pillows are just one of the many options available.

Finding the right pillow for your sleep type is a bit like a scenario from Goldilocks. Everyone is different and your support needs are solely yours. Microfiber gel pillows can compress into any shape needed for the sleeper and will return to normal shape after use.


The microfiber gel pillow is said to mold to the user's neck and head shape to provide excellent support. Filled with a microfiber gel and polyester, this pillow is a bit more costly than most standard bed pillows made of cotton or down. It sells for around $40.


The microfiber gel pillow might be a great alternative for those seeking the comfort of a down pillow without the allergic reaction to the feathers. The gel is hypoallergenic and the pillow provides a malleable shape.

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