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What Type of Bed Should I Buy if My Lower Back Is Fused?

Amanda Rumble

Fusion is a common method to treat lower back pain problems, primarily those associated with slipped or degenerated discs. Even with treatment, back pain doesn't always go away completely. If you don't sleep on a proper mattress that provides adequate support for your back, you'll experience muscle strains and poor sleep posture, both of which contribute to lower back pain.

Spinal Fusion

Sleep on a mattress that gives you adequate support for your back.

Spinal fusion corrects problems with the vertebrae by fusing them together, similar to a welding process. The painful vertebrae fuse from multiple smaller bones into one larger, solid one. Spinal fusion is a common treatment method for conditions including scoliosis, fractures, infections, Spondylolisthesis and even tumors.


The firmness of your mattress is a primary concern. Despite popular belief, the firmest type of mattress is not the best suited for lower back pain. CBS News reports on a 2007 study conducted by the British medical journal, "The Lancet," which discovered that individuals with back pain who slept on a medium-firm mattress reported twice as much relief than individuals who slept on traditional firm mattresses. A mattress that is too soft doesn't provide adequate back support.


The oldest types of mattresses have coil springs in them. They're cheaper, but don't provide the same amount of support necessary for someone experiencing lower back pain. They can't contour properly to the body's natural curves. A memory foam mattress, while more expensive, forms to the natural dips and curves of your body and provides back support. Select a high-density memory foam mattress for optimal comfort.


When purchasing a new mattress is not a possibility and the back pain is too much to handle, adding a mattress pad on top of your current mattress can help relieve ongoing back pain. Select a pad, such as a memory foam one instead of the traditional egg-crate type, from 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick.