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Beautyrest Vs. Backcare Simmons

Kevin Scobee

Zalmon G. Simmons started his company in 1870 manufacturing wooden insulators and cheese boxes. In 1876 he changed an entire industry with his decision to mass-produce woven-wire mattresses. For more than 130 years, Simmons has been at the forefront of mattress technology.


In 1925 Simmons' top engineers designed a machine that would coil wire and insert it into a fabric sleeve. This system originated the Pocketed Coil Springs that became the basis of the Simmons Beautyrest mattress.


For a little more than 80 years the Beautyrest has been a staple in the mattress market. Designed to eliminate motion transfer, the individually wrapped Pocketed Coils are a trademark of the Beautyrest.

The Simmons Backcare is constructed with a "3-2-1" Design. In an effort to give full body support while sleeping, the Backcare has "three comfort zones and two support zones that add up to one great night of sleep."


Beautyrest offers firm, plush, pillow-top comfort options with fabric choices like woven and faux knits. Also, a no-flip design structure allows higher performance and longer life of the mattress.

The anatomically designed Backcare offers different areas of firmness and softness to fully support a body's natural contours.


The purpose of the individually Pocketed Coils is to maintain stability on one side of the mattress when there's movement on the other. Many might remember the TV commercials where an engineer dropped a bowling ball onto one side, while full glasses of liquid sat on the other without spilling.

"3-2-1" Design gives full body support for a good night's sleep. The support is softer in the hips and lower legs, firmer in the lower back and upper thigh, and has a raised portion to support the neck and head.


Marketed mainly as a mattress for couples, the Beautyrest offers limited to no motion when one or the other partner shifts throughout the night. The Backcare is billed as a anatomical mattress, giving the body the necessary support in the right areas.