Do-It-Yourself Plans for Portable Outdoor Steps

Portable steps can give you easy access to areas that are otherwise inaccessible.


Portable steps are good for children who cannot reach the top kitchen cupboard.Portable steps are good for children who cannot reach the top kitchen cupboard.
You can build a portable step to access your outdoor pool or even out of reach items in a closet or pantry. When building it, you have to consider what you are using it for and make sure the step provides adequate support for your body weight.

Portable steps are usually made from wood, such as plywood. Wood steps provide adequate support for the average person's body weight and can be made with minimal equipment, such as wood, nails and a hammer.


You can purchase pre-cut steps from your local hardware store. There are plenty of resources available to serve as a guideline for building your steps, if you're not sure about how to put them together.


Wooden steps need to be treated with a strong wood finish. This will help them pass the test of time. For additional safety, glue treads onto the steps to ensure that your feet are firmly balanced and that you don't slip.

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