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Can a Generator Run an Oxygen Concentrator?

Wendy Morgan

For patients using oxygen concentrators, there may be some concern as to how to continue to run the concentrator during a power outage. Some take batteries, but for those that do not, generators can be an extra option for power.


An oxygen concentrator can be run off generator power if need be.

An oxygen concentrator is a device used for patients that delivers a high concentration of oxygen by separating oxygen from ambient air. Oxygen concentrators are often used in home health care and anesthesia.

How It Works

An oxygen concentrator sucks in ambient air, which consists of 21 percent oxygen and 78 percent nitrogen, and filter out the nitrogen, leaving pure oxygen to be compressed and pumped into a tank for patients to use. Both standard and mobile oxygen concentrators run off of regular power sources as well as on batteries.

Generator Power

In case of a power outage, if batteries are not an option, you can run an oxygen concentrator off a small generator. A generator that uses between 400 and 1,500 watts will give the concentrator enough power.