What Are Dustpans?

Rebecca Tait

The dustpan is a common cleaning tool used in households around the world. It was invented by Lloyd P. Ray as a way to improve our way of life. The dustpan now comes in several types and sizes.


The dustpan was invented by an African American named Lloyd P. Ray from Seattle, Washington, in 1882.


Dustpans are usually shaped like a square or a rectangle. A handle is attached to one side so the dustpan can be held in place or picked up easily.


Some dustpans are small and handheld. Others are designed to be used while standing; this version has a long pole attached, so no bending is required. Most dustpans are made of tough, flexible plastic or durable metal.


Use a dustpan to pick up piles of dirt after sweeping. They can be used inside or outdoors.


To prevent dustpans from getting lost, many manufacturers design dustpans that connect right to a broom. This also provides convenient storage.


The price of dustpans runs from less than $10 to about $50. They can be purchased at any local supermarket or discount store.