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My GE Refrigerator Is Leaking Water at the Filter

Shanika Chapman

Homeowners who find that their GE refrigerator -- or any other refrigerator that has a water and ice dispenser -- is leaking water, should address the problem immediately. A leaky water filter can lead to damage to the floors or other parts of the home and result in higher water bills.

Possible Effects

A leak on your GE or other refrigerator can be very problematic, especially if you have wood floors where the refrigerator is located. The water can accumulate on the floor under the refrigerator, and even if the flooring itself isn't warped or otherwise damaged, mildew and other mold can begin to grow, leading to unpleasant smells and allergens in your house.

Repairing a Leaky Filter

To repair a leaking water filter, homeowners should examine all of the hose fittings and valves, ensuring that all connections are tight. Water filter connections typically have compression fittings, meaning that they must be securely tightened to provide a proper water seal and prevent leakage. If tightening the connections doesn't fix the problem, then either your water filter needs replaced, or the problem is elsewhere.

Locating the Leak

Should you determine that the problem ultimately isn't the water filter connections, remember that water flows down. Check further up in the refrigerator's system to locate the leak. The leak is most likely a loose connection, but if that doesn't prove to be the case, you will probably need to contact a refrigerator service professional.