How to Move Furniture Up the Stairs

Moving furniture upstairs can be tricky, but you can complete the process efficiently with adequate preparation. Simplify the process with moving tools and supplies. You also need assistance if the pieces of furniture are large and heavy. Have your friends lend a hand, or hire professional movers so you can finish moving the items in a short amount of time.

You can carry furniture upstairs with moving straps.

Step 1

Remove any detachable parts from the furniture, and fold them where applicable to reduce the size of the item. For instance, take the legs off a sofa, if you can unscrew them, or fold a collapsible dining table.

Step 2

Measure the width of the stairway and the width of the furniture with a measuring tape to determine the best position for the item as you carry it up the stairs. You can be more flexible with stairs that are open above the railings than with enclosed stairs.

Step 3

Turn the furniture to a position that is easiest to carry up the stairs. For instance, when you turn a long coffee table on its side, it will fit through most stairwells while you hold on to the feet and edges.

Step 4

Put on a pair of gloves. They provide a firm grip and minimize slippage from sweaty hands.

Step 5

Pick up one end of the furniture, and have your assistant pick up the other end. Most of the weight of the item will be on the lower end of the furniture during the climb upstairs. You may need an extra helper for this end of the furniture if it is heavy. Remember to lift with your legs and not your back to avoid injury. Moving straps help make the item lighter. If you have a pair, strap them on, place the furniture on the straps, and then lift. Begin the climb up the staircase.

Step 6

Reposition the furniture item when you reach a bend in the stairway, if necessary. You may have to turn the item to different positions until you and your helper can carry it past the bend. If it is an open stairwell, reposition the furniture item by lifting it up over the railings. Continue your progress up the rest of the stairs, and place the item down in its new location.

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