How to Put Together a Weber Genesis Grill

Before you assemble your Weber Genesis gas grill, study the instructions included in the box. The Weber Genesis has 3 stainless steel burners with 38,000 BTU-per-hour. The grill has an electronic ignition and porcelain enameled cast-iron cooking grates. There are 507 square inches of cooking space and a warming rack. Purchase the propane tank separately. You'll need two people and one to two hours to put together your grill.

Step 1

Open the packing box and remove the parts.  Lay them out on a level surface.

Step 2

Connect the right frame and left frame panel with the rear frame support using two of the black hex bolts and silver washers.  Stand the right frame on its side and slide the rear frame support over the frame until the holes align. Insert the bolt with the washer between the bolt and the rear frame support.  Tighten the bolt with the provided wrench. Repeat with the left frame panel. 

Step 3

Insert the four caster wheels into the right and left frame panels.  Make sure that the two caster wheels with the locks are on the front of the frames. Using two people, turn the frame so it is standing upright.  Lock the two front casters.

Step 4

Connect the front frame support to the right and left frame panels.  This step requires 4 black hex bolts and 4 silver washers. Align the bolt holes on the front frame support with the right frame panel and insert one of the black hex bolts and silver washers.  Insert the bolt with the washer between the bolt and the front frame support. Tighten the bolt with the provided wrench.  Repeat with the lower bolt hole and with the left frame panel.

Step 5

Attach the bottom panel using the six j-clips.  Snap 2 j-clips on the left, right and back side of the bottom panel. Slide the bottom panel into place until the bolt holes align with the j-clips.  Insert a silver hex bolt and black washer into each of the 6 holes and tighten the bolt with the wrench.

Step 6

Install the catch pan holder.  Place the two plastic plugs into the holes on the bottom panel. Place the catch pan holder onto the bottom panel and align the 2 holes in the bottom panel and hole in the right frame panel.  Insert the three silver screws with attached washers and tighten them with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 7

Insert the cook box assembly into the frame.  This step requires two people. Lift the cook box assembly and place it into the frame.  Make sure to route the electrical line on the right side and the gas line on the left side of the cook box assembly inside the frame. Insert the 2 1/8 inch silver hex bolt and a silver washer from the right- inside of the cook box assembly through the frame.  Place a nut on the bolt on the outside of the assembly. Tighten the hex bolt using the wrench.  Repeat with the left side.

Step 8

Attach the back panel using 4 1/2 inch silver hex bolts and black washers. 

Step 9

Attach the control panel to the front of the grill using two ½ inch screws and a Philips screwdriver.  Take the electrical line and from the back of the control panel and place the igniter assembly in the hole on the right of the panel. Place the black ring over the igniter assembly and tighten.  Snap the igniter button into place. Snap the control knobs onto the control panel.  Attach the wind deflector to the bottom of the control panel using two screws and a Philips screwdriver. Slide the drip tray into place. 

Step 10

Install the door handles to the doors using the door hardware package.  Place the plastic spacer on the inside of the door and insert the screw from the inside of the door. Tighten with a Phillips screwdriver.  Repeat for the other side of the handle and for the other door. Place the lower and outer corner of the door into the door holder on the grill frame.  Using a regular screwdriver, slide down the catch on the upper and outer corner of the door and place the door into position. Remover the screwdriver and repeat with the other door. 

Step 11

Slide the right hand table over clips attached to the grill frame.  Align a bracket with the bolt holes on the grill frame underneath the table. Attach using a silver 5/8 inch hex bolt and tighten with a wrench.  Repeat for the other side of the table and with the left burner assembly frame. Place the left burner assembly into the frame and attach it using 4 black screws with attached washers and a Phillips screwdriver. 

Step 12

Place the two heat deflectors underneath the burners inside the cook box assembly.  Place the 5 flavorizer bars over the burners. Place the 2 cooking grates over the top of the cook box assembly. 

Step 13

Attach the lid assembly to the cookbox assembly.  This step requires two people. Position the lid assembly over the cookbox assembly and align the holes on the back left and right corner.  Insert the clevis pin into each side of the assemblies. Insert a cotter pin into the end of each clevis pin. 

Things You Will Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Standard screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench

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