How to Troubleshoot a Growling Dishwasher Noise

A dishwasher is a convenient amenity in the home that has made life easier for decades. Many people cannot imagine life without their trusty dishwasher, so it is essential that you repair problems quickly. A growling noise in your dishwasher might be a serious problem or it may be something simple that you can resolve yourself. You can troubleshoot a growling noise in your dishwasher and possibly save money on an expensive service call by an appliance repair technician.

A dishwasher is an amenity that has made life easier for decades.

Step 1

Open the dishwasher door and remove the bottom rack.

Step 2

Inspect the floor of the dishwasher and ensure that no utensils have fallen out of the rack and gotten stuck in the grinder housing. The growling you hear may very well be a spoon, fork or knife restricting the food grinder from turning. Remove any visible items from the housing.

Step 3

Remove the grinder housing using a Phillips screwdriver to unfasten the screws that secure it to the dishwasher floor.

Step 4

Inspect the grinder well for signs of smaller utensils that may have slipped in and may be restricting the grinder's movements. Remove items from the well and use the screwdriver to turn the blades of the grinder to confirm it can turn freely. Replace the housing and test the dishwasher.

Step 5

Call an appliance service technician if the growling noise persists.

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