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How to Level a Whirlpool Dishwasher

Jon Stefansson

The leveling or balance settings are one of the last adjustments you need to make when you install your new Whirlpool dishwasher. By turning the dishwasher's retractable feet, the body of the appliance is leveled front to back and side to side. Water may pool in the corners of the appliance or spill out below the door if the dishwasher is not level during use. Leveling your Whirlpool dishwasher is simple job that you can do using common household tools.

Step 1

Place the dishwasher in its final position beneath the kitchen counter and close and latch the door. Check that the dishwasher is centered in its slot between the cabinets.

Step 2

Place a level against the dishwasher door. The bubble should be centered in the vial between the marking lines if the appliance is level front to back.

Step 3

Turn the legs with an adjustable wrench, or use a socket wrench if the legs are accessible from above. Extend the front leveling legs down if the bubble floated too close to the dishwasher; retract the legs if the bubble floated too far in the opposite direction.

Step 4

Check your progress by periodically placing the level against the door. Keep adjusting the legs until the bubble floats in the correct position in the vial.

Step 5

Open the dishwasher door and place the level side to side. The bubble should fall between the markings if the dishwasher is level side to side.

Step 6

Raise the right foot if the bubble floated too far left, or raise the left foot if the bubble was too far right. Check the balance after each adjustment until your dishwasher is level side to side and front to back.