How to Level the Rear Legs of a Dishwasher

Jule Pamplin

Leveling a dishwasher is a key part of its installation process. The front leveling legs can be reached after the dishwasher has been installed. The rear legs must be leveled before installing the unit to prevent the need to pull the unit out after all the power and water connections have been made. The specific tools for leveling the legs may vary depending on your model. The principles of leveling the rear legs are consistent across various makes and models.

Dishwashers need to be level to work correctly.

Step 1

Look at the rear-bottom corners of the dishwasher to determine which tools will be necessary to level the rear legs of your make and model dishwasher. The legs will require an adjutable wrench and socket and ratchet or a Phillips-head screwdriver to adjust the legs.

Step 2

Place a level on top of the dishwasher on the left side between the left-front and left-rear corner of the machine. Read the level to determine the slope, if any, in the dishwasher from front to back. If the bubble is closer to the front corner, outside of the center section, the dishwasher's left-rear leg should be raised to level the unit. If the bubble is closer to the rear corner and outside of the center section, the left-rear leg needs to be lowered.

Step 3

Adjust the left-rear leg according to the reading of the level. Turn the leg with the wrench or use the screwdriver to lower or raise the leg.

Step 4

Check the level after adjusting the leg to chart your progress. Cease adjusting the left-rear leg when the bubble on the level is centered.

Step 5

Place the level on top of the dishwasher between the left-rear and right-rear legs to determine the slope between the two rear corners of the dishwasher. If the bubble is to the left of center on the level, you will need to raise the right-rear leg. A bubble to the right of center signifies a need to lower the right-rear leg.

Step 6

Adjust the right-rear leg with the wrench or screwdriver. Check the level and cease adjustment of the right-rear leg once the bubble is centered.

Step 7

Place the level between each of the four corners to check your work. If all four sides show a centered bubble on the level, the leveling is complete and successful.