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How to Repair an Unbalanced Tub in a GE Spacemaker Stackable Washer & Dryer

Jon Stefansson

General Electric Spacemaker combination washer and dryers are suitable for homes with limited space. The appliance’s reduced footprint frees up utility room floor space. The four nylon leveling legs under appliance must be balanced ensuring the stack does not tip, rock or vibrate across the floor during rapid spinning. You might hear an increased amount of noise from the appliances if the stack is unbalanced. Readjust the legs if you move the appliances to a new location.

Step 1

Move the stack to its final location. Do not to damage rubber pads on the bottom of the leveling legs. Do not use the washer cover to move the stack. Spraying window cleaner on the floor makes sliding the appliances into place easier.

Step 2

Raise the rear legs off the ground as your assistant supports the stack. The self-adjusting mechanism automatically balances the rear legs as you lower the appliance back down onto its legs.

Step 3

Close the washer lid and place a spirit level on top of the door parallel to the appliance’s front. Make a note of where the bubble floats in the vial. Take the same measurement with the spirit level parallel to one side of the stack.

Step 4

Tip the stack with your assistant onto its back legs, raising the front legs off the ground. Place a wooden block between the appliance and the floor keeping the legs raised.

Step 5

Extend the right front leg with an adjustable wrench if the bubble floated too far left when the level was placed parallel with the front of the appliance. Extend the left leg if the bubble was too far right. Lengthen or shorten both legs an equal amount if the bubble floated too far right or left when the level was placed parallel with the sides.

Step 6

Lower tip the appliance back with your assistant and remove the wooden block. Gently lower the stack to its feet and check the balance with a spirit level. The bubble floats between the markings in both positions when the appliance is level.