How to Level an LG Washer

Tanya Lee

LG washing machines must be leveled in order to prevent them from vibrating, making excessive noise, creeping across the floor, and possible damage to the machine. The LG washing machine has four adjustable leveling legs.

LG supplies a special wrench with its washing machines to level the legs.
  1. Remove the leg leveling wrench from the front of the Styrofoam base of the packaging for the LG washing machine. There is another wrench packaged inside the drum of the machine to be used for purposes other than leveling the machine.

  2. Choose a spot for the washing machine with a solid and level floor. Slide the machine into its final position.

  3. Check that all four legs are resting on the floor. If they are not, or if they are not stable, use the leveling wrench to lengthen or shorten the legs until they are all touching the floor. Turn the wrench in a clockwise direction to make the leg longer and in a counter-clockwise direction to make it shorter.

  4. Place a level along the front edge of the top of the washing machine from left to right.

  5. Check the level to determine if one side of the machine is lower than the other.

  6. Use the wrench to lengthen the front foot that is lower than the other until the level shows that the front of the machine is level.

  7. Place the level on the top of the machine at the right edge from front to back. Confirm that the machine is level. Adjust right leg that is lower than the other with the wrench if necessary.

  8. Repeat Step 7 on the left side of the machine.

  9. Place the level on the front edge of the machine from left to right again. Check to make sure the machine is still level from left to right. If necessary use the wrench to adjust the leg that is lower.

  10. Push down on the diagonal corners (left back and right front) of the LG washing machine to make sure it does not rock. Repeat this test pressing down on the left front and right back corners. Use the leveling wrench to adjust the legs as necessary.


If the machine starts to make a lot of noise or to vibrate, check to make sure it has not slipped out of level. Repeat the leveling process as necessary.