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How to Balance a Frigidaire Washing Machine

Andrew Todd

If your Frigidaire washing machine is out of balance, you may notice that it rocks back and forth during the wash cycle. Although balancing the machine is the final step of the installation process, it is possible for the legs to move over time, resulting in an out-of-balance appliance. The washer has balancing legs that are used to adjust the height of the front left and right sides of the washer, ensuring it is level. When balancing the washing machine, use a level to check your work.

  1. Place a level on the top of the washer to determine if the machine is level both front to back and side to side.

  2. Lean the washer back, then place a wood block under the front of the washer to prop it up.

  3. Rotate the leveling leg or legs clockwise to raise the washer and counterclockwise to lower the washer, depending on the adjustment needed.

  4. Remove the wood block and lower the washer to the floor.

  5. Place the level on top of the washer again to determine if the washer is level. If it is not, repeat the steps until the washer is level.