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How to Install a Samsung Laundry Pedestal

Jack Burton

Samsung laundry pedestals fit under a washer or dryer and provide extra storage space. They also bring the appliances up to a more convenient height for many users. It is best to install the pedestals when first purchasing the washer and dyer because the appliances come with the proper hardware to ensure they are not damaged when laid on their side. Attaching the pedestal is a two-person task.

  1. Unscrew the drawer from the mount and remove the drawer.

  2. Adjust the leveling of the pedestal in the spot where the appliance will go. This will need further adjusting after the pedestal is attached, so if the leveling is reasonably correct that is fine. Lock the leveling nut with a screwdriver.

  3. Detach the pedestal rear panel.

  4. Attach the four guide legs to the top of the pedestal by snapping them in place.

  5. Place a blanket or large piece of cardboard on the floor and lay the washer or dryer on its side. This must be done before the shipping bolts have been removed.

  6. Replace the four leg assemblies on each corner with the bracket screws on the dryer. The washer has the leg assemblies removed.

  7. Place the pedestal at the bottom of the washer or dryer with the front side of the pedestal matching the front side of the appliance.

  8. Reach into the pedestal cavity and screw the screws through the top side into the four bracket screws on the bottom of the dryer. Attach the pedestal to the washer by using the supplied bolts to screw directly into where the leg assemblies were removed.

  9. Stand the appliance up and remove the shipping bolts from the back.

  10. Re-level the appliance after it has been moved to its final location. Lift each corner slightly and attach the double-sided tape to the bottom of the four feet.

  11. Reattach the drawer to the frame with the screws.