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Removal of Drawers in a Pedestal Bosch Washing Machine

Thomas West

Bosch is a German company that markets automotive parts, power tools and large appliances throughout the world. Bosch washing machines utilize a compact design with a front-loading door. According to Bosch, the compact design does not affect the load capacity of the machine. The washer and dryer also have the ability to be stacked on top of each other. If height requirements prevent this in your home, you can still raise your washer a few inches with a Bosch pedestal to make loading and unloading easier. The pedestal has a drawer that can be removed for cleaning or installation.

Washing Machine Pedestal

A Bosch front-load washing machine can make quick work of laundry day in your household. To raise the height of the washing machine to a more comfortable working height, Bosch manufactures a pedestal that raises the machine off the ground a few inches. The pedestal is sturdy enough to support the washer, and it has a storage drawer built-in. A few preparations to the washer and the pedestal must be performed before installation can occur.

Secure Washer Drum

Since the washing machine needs to turned onto its side to install the pedestal, the drum must be secured to prevent damaging the machine. Your Bosch washer should have come with four bolts that secure the drum from damage during transit. These must be installed in the bolt holes on the back of the washer before it can be tipped over. Check with the manufacturer if you no longer have the bolts before continuing.

Washer Preparation

Once the drum is secure, the machine can be carefully tipped onto its side. Place cardboard on the floor to protect the finish of the machine, if desired. Place rolled-up towels under the machine to raise it off the floor approximately two inches. The feet on the bottom of the washer must be removed by twisting them out. Save the feet if you plan to use the washer without the pedestal in the future.

Pedestal Drawer Installation

The drawer in the pedestal needs to be removed prior to its installation on the underside of the washing machine. Having a helper hold the pedestal will make removing the drawer easier. When the drawer is open, release levers should be visible on each side of the drawer. The release lever on the right side of the drawer must be raised, while the lever on the left must be pushed down. Once this is done, pull the drawer straight out to remove it. At that point, the pedestal can be attached to the underside of the washer with the hardware supplied. Use a helper to assist you in turning the entire assembly upright. Once the machine is on its feet again, the four bolts used to secure the drum can be removed from the washer. Push the drawer back into the pedestal, and it will click into place.