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How to Troubleshoot a Kenmore 70 Series Washing Machine

Cameron Easey

Kenmore makes a variety of washers, such as a 70 Series model, that you can have set up in the laundry room or basement of your home. The Kenmore 70 Series washing machine is a typical machine that connected to a water supply and a drain.

A Kenmore Series 70 washer may need periodic troubleshooting.

Problems that you may need to troubleshoot with your Kenmore 70 Series include leaking and when it makes unusual noise during the washing cycle.

Washer Leaking

  1. Check the connection of the water inlet hoses to the washer. If the connection seems loose, tighten the fitting on the washer with the adjustable wrench.

  2. Verify that the drain hose is secured to the washer. Reconnect the hose if it has come off by clamping it securely to the drain valve.

  3. Clean out the drain in the floor or sink used by the washer if it is clogged. A drain that is clogged will not handle the amount of water coming out of the washer.

Washer Making Noise

  1. Open the lid to the washer to see how the load is sitting in the tub. Separate the load if it is bunched up on one side and then close the lid. If the sound goes away, the load was unbalanced.

  2. Using the wrench, tighten the nuts that are used to secure the feet on the front of the washer. The washer vibrates and will make nose if the nuts on the feet are loose.

  3. Place a level on the washer and see if it is sitting level on the floor. If the washer is not level the rear leveling legs need to be set. Turn the leveling legs to adjust the level of the washer.


If the washer is filling up slowly make sure the valve on the water line is fully open.


The washer will not run through its cycle if the lid is open.