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My Maytag Washer Leaks During Fill

Misty Faucheux

The Whirlpool Corporation took over the Maytag Corporation in 2006, but it kept the brand name. Whirlpool now sells certain appliances under the Maytag brand, including front- and top-loading washing machines. A washing machine fills with enough water to cover your clothing, and it spins this water out during the spin cycle. If you see water coming out of your washing machine during the fill cycle, troubleshoot this problem before contacting a service technician.

Hoses/Air Gap

If your Maytag washer is leaking during the fill cycle, check the fill hoses, which are located on the back of the machine. See if the connection is fitting correctly. If not, tighten it. Verify that you have correctly installed the four fill washers. Examine the hose, and see if it's punctured or cracked. Repair or replace the hose. An air gap is found on older Maytag washing machines. This is a plastic device that keeps water from the tub from flowing into your home water supply. If the device is cracked or extremely warped, get a new one since this component is difficult to fix.


See if the washer is level if it's leaking during the fill cycle. Use a bubble level, and check the levelness of the unit both front-to-back and side-to-side. If the washer isn't level, the washer shakes, causing water to spray out of the machine. Check the floor beneath the washing machine. If the floor is unstable, fix it before replacing the washing machine. If you can't fix the floor, place a 3/4-inch piece of plywood under the washing machine and dryer to keep them level. Adjust the leveling feet if they are not equally sharing the weight of the washing machine.


A common reason why your Maytag washer leaks during the fill cycle is an overloaded tub. As water enters into the tub, it can bounce off the top of the load and onto your floor. Remove some clothing, and equally distribute the load around the agitator. Verify that the lid of the washing machine is completely closed. Remove any clothing or objects sticking out of the tub that prevent the lid from completely closing.

Water Inlet Valve/Tub Seal

The water inlet valve is located behind the washing machine. It has a small tube that runs through it. If this tube is broken or punctured, get a new one. If your tub is overflowing with water, the water inlet valve is defective. You must get a new one, especially if the valve itself is leaking. The tub seal runs near the transmission. If the seal is cracked or brittle, you need a new one. Contact a Maytag repair person to assist you with this repair.