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Your Maytag Clothes Washer Does Not Fill Up With Water

Misty Faucheux

If your Maytag washer does not fill up with water, it could be a simple fix like ensuring that all hoses are connected. Other issues like clogged pipes, a defective water intake valve or something more serious could be to blame.

Your Maytag Clothes Washer Does Not Fill Up With Water

The Whirlpool Corporation took over the Maytag Corporation in 2006, and it now sells certain appliances under the Maytag brand. These appliances include front- and top-loading washing machines. Maytag washing machines may occasionally have problems with the tub not properly filling with water, but fortunately, you can usually fix these problems on your own, avoiding service costs.

Power/Normal Operation

Your Maytag washing machine won’t fill with water when the home's power is interrupted. Verify that you are not experiencing a power outage, or reset your circuit breaker if tripped. If you have fuses, replace any that are burnt out or have broken wires. See if the power cord fits firmly into the outlet. Never plug the power cord into an extension cord or adapter. If you have a high-efficiency washing machine, water won’t completely cover your clothing. This cuts down on water use. Your washer normally pauses when changing cycles. Restart the washer if you opened the lid or door. Your washer may stop filling if you use the wrong type of detergent, causing excessive sudsing. Stop the cycle, and press “Rinse/Drain & Spin.” Push “Start/Pause” to restart the cycle.

Water Supply

If your washer is running normally but doesn’t fill with water, see if both the hot and cold water faucets are fully turned on. Check the water pressure. Attach a water pressure gauge to your water supply, and see if it’s at least 30 psi. If it’s too low, shut off the water in other parts of the house. If your water supply is still low, contact your water supply company or well service company for assistance. Examine the water inlet valve, and see if it’s leaking or won’t turn. You must replace the valve if it’s defective. The valve is held in place by a mounting bracket and connects to the home and washer hoses. This component is usually easy to replace. Clean the water inlet valve if clogged with dirt.


Water enters your Maytag washer via water inlet hoses. Clean the hoses if clogged with dirt or debris, and remove any limescale buildup. Straighten the hose if kinked. Do not tightly pack your clothing in the washing machine, as this can block the hose opening. Do not add more clothing after the washer has started the washing cycle.

Error Code

If your washer is not filling correctly, you may see the “LF” error code. Verify that both the hot and cold water faucets are turned to the “On” position. Clean both the water inlet hose and water inlet valve screen if dirty. Straighten the hose if kinked. Select the “Power/Cancel” button to clear the error. If you are still receiving the error, call a service technician for assistance.