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Whirlpool Ultimate Care Washer Won't Spin

Misty Faucheux

Whirlpool Ultimate Care washing machines feature a Care Control system, which regulates the temperature inside the washing machine. This system gets the water hot enough to dissolve the detergent, but not too warm, preventing damage to your clothes. If your washer isn’t spinning properly, troubleshoot this common problem, and see if you can repair it yourself.

Drain Hose

If your Whirlpool Ultimate Care washing machine isn’t spinning, see if the drain hose is kinked, and straighten it. Replace the hose if crushed. Clean out the drainage hose with a plastic utensil if it’s clogged with debris. Do not install the drain hose over 96 inches above the floor. No more than 4 inches of the hose may protrude into the tub. Cut off any excess hose. Install an air gap if the hose is lower than the cabinet. Verify that the hose fits snugly into the standpipe, but not so tightly that it obstructs water flow.

Lid/Lid Switch

Your Whirlpool washer won’t start spinning if the lid is open. See if anything is preventing the lid from completely closing. Remove these items. If the washer still doesn’t start spinning, unplug the washing machine from the power source, and check the lid switch. This switch lets the washer know that the lid is actually closed. Use a multimeter, and see if the switch has continuity. If not, then you need to replace it since it’s difficult to repair this component.

Pump/Motor Coupler

The pump moves water out of the washing machine during the spin cycle. If the pump is stuck or defective, your washer may not spin. Unplug the washing machine, and open up the main housing. Examine the pump, and see if any parts are broken. Get a new pump from a Whirlpool parts dealer. You usually can’t repair sections of the pump. See if the pump pulley is frozen. Try turning it. If it doesn’t turn easily, replace it. Use needle-nose pliers to pull debris from the pump. The motor coupler is located between the motor shaft and transmission. If this part is broken, your washer won’t spin. Replace the coupler.

Other Issues

Don’t overload the washing machine, as this can prevent both spinning and draining. Don’t use too much detergent, which can cause oversudsing. If your Whirlpool Ultimate Care washing machine is sudsing too much, it may skip the spin cycle. Check your cycle selection. The “Gentle” or “Delicates” cycle causes your washer to spin at slower speeds. Use a different cycle for faster spin speeds. Check your home plumbing, and see if it’s clogged. If so, clean the pipes yourself or hire a licensed plumber to help you with this task.