Troubleshooting a Maytag Legacy Series Washing Machine

Kelly Bennett Seiler

Maytag no longer makes or sells its Legacy Series washers. If you own one, however, you may find that you'll need to troubleshoot your machine for various problems. Try saving yourself some money by seeing if you can figure out what's not working correctly and solving the problem on your own.

Wet Load

If your laundry load is not distributed evenly, it can cause your clothes to not spin properly and thus remain wet. Make sure to move the items around and then run another spin cycle. Your washer also needs to be level and the water level should be correct for the size load you are running. Use a faster spin for heavy items. Faster spins are also recommended if the drain height of your washer is more than 6 feet.

Unexpected Stops

If your machine stops suddenly, make sure that the cord is plugged in tightly and securely. Also ensure that a breaker has not been tripped or a fuse has not been blown. Once you check all of this, once again turn the control knob to the desired cycle and start the washer again. Make sure the lid is closed. Your washer will not spin or agitate unless the lid is closed. It is normal for your washer to stop periodically to soak the clothes.


Check all hose connections if your washer is leaking. Also ensure that the drain hose is inserted correctly to the drain facility. Soaking your clothes for more than 30 minutes may also cause some leaking. In addition, do not overload the washer. This, too, can cause the unit to leak.

Tub Doesn't Fill

If your washer tub will not fill with water, first make sure the washer is plugged into the electrical outlet. Also, check the fuse and circuit breaker. Check to see if your hose filter screens are clogged and need to be cleaned. Also, straighten all inlet hoses. There may be a kink in one of them. Ensure that both of the faucets are turned on to full capacity.