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What to Do If a Kenmore Washer Series 70 Won't Drain

Misty Faucheux

The Kenmore 70 series of washers and dryers includes top-loading units with large-capacity drums. While Kenmore no longer manufactures this series of washing machine, you can still purchase the washers and replacement parts from third-party vendors. If your Kenmore 70 series washer isn’t draining, see if you can locate the problem before contacting Kenmore. This saves you money on out-of-warranty repair fees.

Common Problems

If your Kenmore 70 series washer isn’t draining, verify that the lid is closed. Your washer won’t enter the spin cycle with the lid open. See if you have selected the correct cycle for the load. If necessary, use a cycle with a higher spin speed. Don’t use too much detergent, as this can cause excessive sudsing, which can prevent your washer from draining. Kenmore 70 series washers have a neutral drain feature, which drains the tub before spinning. This is the normal operation of the washing machine. Do not use an extension cord or adapter, as it doesn’t provide enough power for proper operation. Contact an electrician if your home is not getting enough electrical voltage.


The pump is responsible for removing water from the tub after the spin cycle. It is located in the main access panel of the washing machine. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, and remove the panel. Check the pump, and see if it’s clogged with any debris or clothing. Pull out items with needle-nose pliers. If the pump isn’t clogged, see if any parts are broken. You must replace the entire pump since it’s difficult to repair parts on the pump. Check the pump pulley. If it doesn’t freely rotate, it’s frozen. Get a new pump pulley from a Kenmore authorized parts dealer.


Do not install the drain hose over 96 inches higher than the floor. If it’s too high, water flows back into the washing machine. See if the drain hose is kinked, and straighten it. Replace the hose if it’s crushed. Remove the hose from the washing machine, and see if it’s clogged with debris. Clean it out with a plastic utensil. The drain hose must not extend more than 4 inches into the tub. Remove the excess hose.

Lid Switch

The lid switch lets the washer know that the lid is closed. If it’s not working properly, your washer may stop or won’t work at all. The switch is located near the door frame in the main housing. Disconnect the washing machine from the main power source, and remove the main access panel. Use a multimeter, and test the switch for continuity. Replace the switch if it’s defective since you can’t normally fix it.