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My Kenmore Washer is Leaking Water Out the Bottom During the Rinse & Spin Cycle

Jamie Lisse

Water leaking out from under your Kenmore washing machine can be a stressful problem. Stop the washer and inspect the machine to determine the cause of the leak. You do not need to be an appliance expert to diagnose and fix the problem.

Fill Hoses

You can troubleshoot a leaking washer on your own.

The fill hoses are the water inlet hoses that connect from the hot and cold faucets to the back of the washer. They deliver water into the machine. If these hoses are loose, you can get a leak during the rinse and spin cycle. While the leak originates from the back of the machine, it will run down and under the washer, making it appear as if it's coming from the bottom. Tighten the loose hose connections with pliers. If the hoses are split or damaged in any other way, you can get replacements at a local home improvement store.

Drain Hose

A problem with the drain hose can cause a leak under the washer during the rinse and spin cycle. The drain hose should be secured either in the standpipe or the sink for draining. A hook is included with the drain hose to secure it, but you can also use a waterproof tape to keep it in place. If it moves out of place, the drain water ends up on the floor under the washer.


If your washer has the β€œHE” designation on the display panel, you must use high efficiency detergent in the machine. Not using the proper detergent results in an excessive amount of suds and can cause a leak during the rinse and spin cycle. Replacing your detergent will fix the leak.

Sink or Drain Clog

The sink and floor drain in your laundry room must be capable of handling 17 gallons of water per minute when the washer is draining. If clogged or slow, you will get a backup of water under the washer. Since the problem is related to drainage, you'll notice it during the rinse and spin cycle. Clean out the clog. You can use a household drain cleaner or consult with a local plumber.