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Amana Washer & Dryer Stacking Kit Instructions

Lisa Wampler

Whirlpool actually manufactures Amana washing machines and clothes dryers. This means, many of the Whirlpool parts available for whirlpool appliances will work on Amana appliances. Since Whirlpool manufactures Maytag appliances, the accessories for Maytag appliances will also usually work on your Amana appliances as well. This is no different if you plan to stack your dryer on top of your washing machine to help save room. The process is relatively straightforward but expect to need help from a friend to ensure you can lift the dryer height enough to mount it.

  1. Position a blanket onto the floor to help prevent scratching your appliances as you work on them.

  2. Place the dryer on its side on the blanket. Do not place it on its front or back.

  3. Remove the screws that hold the four leg assemblies onto the bottom of the dryer with a screwdriver and then remove the assemblies.

  4. Remove the plastic legs from each assembly. Flip the assembly upside down and thread the legs back into the assembly. Remount them to the bottom of the dryer.

  5. Snap the stacking supports into the rectangle holes located on the bottom of the dryer. Secure the stacking supports to the bottom of the dryer with the two screws supplied with the stacking kit.

  6. Place the dryer support brackets onto the bottom rear edge of the dryer. Secure them with the supplied screws and screwdriver.

  7. Remove one of the top mounting screws on the each side of the washing machine at the rear. Place the brackets over the hole and secure the brackets by reinserting the screw.

  8. Lift up the dryer and position the brackets on the bottom of the dryer as close to the brackets installed on the washing machine. This will minimize scratching.

  9. Tilt the front of the dryer upward. Slide the dryer backward to interlock the brackets.