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How to Get a Washer & Dryer Into the Basement

Blaze Johnson

Moving a washer and dryer down to the basement area of your home is a challenging and potentially dangerous ordeal. To move a clothes washer dryer down a flight of stairs safely, you should always use an appliance dolly with the help of another able-bodied person.

Move washers and dryers safely with an appliance dolly.

Appliance dollies are available for rent at certain hardware stores and moving companies. Always rent an appliance dolly that features two holding straps, one for securing the top portion of the washer or dryer and the other to hold the bottom end of the appliance to the dolly firmly.

  1. Examine the basement stairs for sturdiness. Any broken steps must be fixed before attempting to move large appliances down the stairs. Make sure that the steps of the basement stairs are cleared of any debris or liquids to avoid accidents.

  2. Disconnect any hoses connected to the washer and dryer. Place these items inside the washer and dryer before you attempt to move the appliances. Duct tape the power cords of the washer and dryer to the tops of the appliances to avoid tripping over them when moving the heavy appliances.

  3. Slide the dolly’s bottom plate under one of the washer's or dryer’s sides, not under the front or back of the appliance. Make sure the dolly is mated up to the washer or dryer completely.

  4. Secure the straps around the washer and dryer according to the dolly’s instructions and tighten them. Make sure the straps lay flat against the appliance and are not twisted or uneven.

  5. Pull the handle of the dolly downward while pushing forward on the bottom portion of the dolly with one of your feet to tip the washer or dryer back. You may need another person to help tip the appliance off the ground initially. Balance the washer or dryer off the ground, with the bottom of the appliance at a 25-degree angle from the ground.

  6. Move the appliance, pushing or pulling it close the basement stair area, using another person as a guide. It may be easier to pull the appliance as opposed to pushing it when it comes to navigating around obstacles in the home. Then turn the appliance around when you get close enough to the stairs.

  7. Have the other person stand beside you to help balance the appliance with both hands on the dolly handle. Both of you must tip the washer or dryer backward more to negotiate the first step.

  8. Stabilize and balance the dolly while you and your helper negotiate each individual step. Push the dolly slowly and over each step, and pull it toward you after each drop until you reach the basement floor.

  9. Position the washer or dryer in the desired area of the basement with the dolly and remove the straps from the dolly from the appliance. Remove the tape holding the power cord to the unit and make the necessary drain/water supply connections.


Never try to lower a heavy appliance down a set of stairs with a person in front; injury or death could occur if the person using the appliance dolly above loses control and the appliance comes crashing down on the person in front of the appliance.