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Ideas to Quiet a Noisy Washer and Drier in a Kitchen

Kristine Tucker

Some homes are equipped with washer and dryer hookups in the kitchen area. Due to the high-traffic demands and cooking requirements in a kitchen, the noise associated with a running washer and dryer can be annoying and problematic, disrupting family meal time and other activities. Quieting down these noisy appliances can be a rewarding task.

Use Foam as Insulation

Quiet a noisy washer and dryer in the kitchen.

One of the best ways to reduce the noise that results from a clothes washer or dryer in the kitchen is to insulate the sides of the appliance. Foam works to absorb the vibration, rattling and shifting of a washer or dryer. Egg-carton foam pieces or regular foam squares can be taped or adhered to the sides of a washing machine or dryer to reduce the amount of noise. These foam pieces can also slide in between the two appliances to reduce the bumping and shifting against one another. With severe noise problems, the foam can also be cut and adhered to the back side of the washer and dryer components.

Level the Appliances

As with any piece of household furniture, appliances can also have asymmetrical footings or foundations. The floor in your kitchen may be uneven, requiring something to keep the washer and dryer level with the floor. Specially designed coasters and vibration-proof stoppers can be used to stabilize and level the appliances, eliminating the unnecessary movement and vibration noise as they shift or scrape against the flooring.

Maintain Balanced Loads

Reducing oversized washer and dryer loads can help to reduce the noise levels. Overstuffing a washer with jeans, towels and jackets will increase the noise level because the basin becomes off balance. A well-balanced load will keep all of the washable items evenly spread within the washer tub, thus eliminating unwanted excess noise.

Air Dry Clothing with Large Zippers and Buttons

Metallic zippers and large plastic buttons can cause extra noise in a washer and dryer. The zippers and buttons will clank against the interior of the appliance and bang around on the inside of the washer tub or dryer basin during the wash, rinse, spin and dry cycles. Air drying these items of clothing will reduce the level of noise.

Run the Appliances After Bedtime

If your schedule permits, an idea to quiet a noisy washer or dryer is to run the appliances at bedtime or some other off-peak time. This schedule for washing and drying clothes works well because the kitchen is generally vacant at night and you can close your bedroom doors to diffuse the amount of noise coming from the appliances.