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How to Test the Hall Sensor for an LG Washer

Cecilia Harsch

The hall sensor on LG washing machines monitors whether the the motor is turning or not. When the control panel displays an “LE” error code, the hall sensor is telling the panel that the drum is not turning because the motor has failed or the wire harness connecting the hall sensor to the control panel has come loose. Checking to ensure the wire harness is secure on the hall sensor and testing the sensor can let you know whether the sensor needs to be replaced.

With a repaired hall sensor, you'll be back in action.

Step 1

Unplug the front-load LG washer from the electrical outlet. Pull the washer from the wall to access the rear panel on the machine.

Step 2

Turn off the hot and cold water supply valves on the wall behind the washer. Disconnect the washer’s hot and cold water supply lines from the wall valves and lower them into a bucket to catch any water from inside the lines.

Step 3

Remove the mounting screws from the LG washer’s rear panel. Slide the panel up, then pull the panel out from the washer to expose the rear of the washtub and the rotor.

Step 4

Unscrew the center bolt from the washtub using a 17 millimeter socket and socket wrench. Rotate the rotor clockwise while turning the bolt counterclockwise. Wiggle the rotor off the back of the washer to expose the stator.

Step 5

Release the stator wires from the rear of the washer by removing the screws holding the stator wire retainers and the stator wire bracket to the washer. Remove the screw holding the grounding wire to the rear of the washer.

Step 6

Remove the six bolts holding the stator to the washer. Disconnect the plastic motor sensor, or hall sensor, by pulling the wire harness from the connector on the sensor. Leave the other wire connector attached to the stator.

Step 7

Have a helper hold the stator by the white plastic ring. Rotate the stator so the open connector of the hall sensor faces you. Number the openings on the hall sensor connector from one to five, starting with the opening to the left.

Step 8

Set the dial on a two-wire electrical meter to 50 DCV, or direct current volts. Insert one prong into opening five and one prong into opening four. Plug the washer into the wall outlet. Press the power button only, do not press start. The meter should register between 10 and 15 volts DC.

Step 9

Insert the prongs into openings one and four. Slowly turn the drum clockwise by hand. The meter should register 12 volts DC. Move the prong from opening one to opening two. Rotate the drum again. The meter should register 12 volts DC. The needle should “pulse” between 12 and zero continually during each test. If any of the tests fail to register DC voltage, replace the hall sensor.

Step 10

Unplug the LG washer. Slide a small slotted screwdriver underneath the tab holding the original hall sensor to the stator, if it's necessary to replace the sensor. Snap the new sensor onto the stator.

Step 11

Plug the hall sensor wire harness into the new sensor. Reassemble the LG washing machine by reversing the disassembly steps.