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How to Move a Kenmore Elite He3t Washer

Kenneth Crawford

Moving a front-load washer to a different residence requires a little planning. This is because before you can relocate the washer, you must stabilize the drum to prevent damage. This is true of the Kenmore Elite He3t washer. There are four shipping bolts that came with the new Kenmore Elite He3t washer; you'll need to reinstall them to prevent damage to the drum and drum suspension while you move the unit. If you've misplaced the original shipping bolts, you can get them from Sears; the part number is 285955. Once you have the bolts, you can prepare the He3t washer for moving.

  1. Unplug your Kenmore Elite He3t washer power cord from the wall outlet. Turn the two water spigots on the wall clockwise fully to shut off the water supply. Pull the washer away from the wall enough to allow you to disconnect the hoses. Disconnect them now.

  2. Cut the strap securing the drain hose to the house drain pipe with a utility knife. Pull the end of the drain hose out of the wall. Press the tabs together on the clamp securing the drain hose to the back of the washer with a pair of pliers. Pull the drain hose off the washer. Clip the drain hose across the circumference of the washer rear panel in the hose clips.

  3. Place a bucket behind the washer and disconnect the two water lines from the rear of the washer. It might be necessary to initially turn the water line connections with a pair of pliers and then continue turning them by hand until they are off the washer. Place the ends of the hoses into the bucket to drain the residual water. Disconnect the hoses from the house supply lines.

  4. Find the four plastic caps on the back of the washer. Pry off the caps with a flat-head screwdriver. Look inside the holes to find the sleeves where the shipping bolts thread into the suspension bracket for the washer tub. If necessary, use a flashlight to clearly see the sleeves. They are normally slightly above or below the holes.

  5. Insert one of the long shipping bolts into one of the lower holes. The shipping bolt is in a large plastic sleeve with a hook tab on one end. The thread of the bolt should fit inside the suspension sleeve, with the hook tab between the suspension bar and inside back panel of the washer. Thread the bolt into the suspension sleeve by hand. Repeat with another long bolt in the opposite-side lower hole. Do not fully secure the bolts yet; simply thread them into their sleeves.

  6. Install the two shorter shipping bolts into the upper holes, following the same procedure as in Step 5. Once all four bolts are in their respective suspension sleeves, tighten the bolts evenly with a socket wrench.

  7. Place an appliance dolly under the Kenmore Elite He3t washer and wrap the dolly straps around the washer cabinet. The washer is now ready for moving.