How to Reinstall Maytag Transport Bolts

Kenneth Crawford

Washing machines have transport bolts that protect the tub and washer suspension during shipping. When installing the washer, the transport bolts are removed to release the suspension and allow the washer to operate. When moving your washer from one home to another, it is necessary to reinstall the transport bolts.

Reinstalling Maytag transport bolts requires the proper fasteners. If you do not have the original transport bolts, contact Maytag or Sears to purchase bolts for your washer. Once you have the washer disconnected from the electrical and water supplies, you can reinstall the transport bolts.


Dryers do not use transport bolts for shipping.

Front-load Washer

  1. Pry the four plastic oblong plugs off the back of the Maytag washer with a flat-head screwdriver. The plastic plugs are at four corners of the indented area on the back of the washer. The holes in the washer have a round center and a small slot area on each side.

  2. Shine a flashlight into the holes and look for the white plastic sleeves for the washer bolts to attach to the washer suspension. The sleeves are slightly above the level of the hole.

  3. Grab the longer two of the four transport bolts. Each bolt is a metal screw with a plastic cylinder. The cylinder has a small tab to one side. The plastic cylinder acts as a cushion between the suspension and the inside rear of the washer cabinet.

  4. Insert the bottom bolts into the lower holes and angle them toward the plastic sleeves of the Maytag washer suspension. Turn them clockwise by hand and thread them into the mounting sleeves. Do not tighten the bolts at this time.

  5. Install the two shorter transport bolts into the upper holes, threading them into the suspension mounting sleeves. Shift the bolts left so the head of the bolts is in the slot portion of the hole on the washer.

  6. Tighten the bolts evenly and securely with a socket wrench. The Maytag washer is now ready for transport.

Top-load Washer

  1. Tilt the washer so that the front legs are off the ground and you can reach the two holes near the front center of the washer. Ask a friend or member of the household to hold the washer in the tilted position. This allows you to move the suspension with less difficulty.

  2. Shine the flashlight into the transport bolt holes and find the white sleeves for the suspension. The sleeves might be above or below the hole slightly.

  3. Insert the two bolts into the transport holes and thread them into the suspension sleeves. The transport bolts for top-load washers have a wide plastic washer that mounts flush to the bottom of the machine.

  4. Tighten the bolts evenly with a socket wrench and lower the Maytag washer onto the floor.