How to Move a Toilet Without Moving Pipes

Toilets can be moved without relocating the soil pipe or the toilet tank water supply piping. Bathroom remodeling projects may change the basic layout and function of the room, and the toilet may fit better into the remodeling plan if it is turned on its axis. The toilet can face any direction as long as the soil pipe flange is turned to accommodate the desired position. You can move the toilet to best fit your plans with the proper tools, materials and basic home improvement and plumbing skills.

Step 1

Turn off the water supply line that leads to the toilet tank.

Step 2

Take off the top cover of the toilet. Flush the toilet and hold the lever to drain the remaining water. Soak up the remaining water with a sponge and paper towels.

Step 3

Remove the water supply line from the bottom left corner of the tank by turning the supply line fitting clockwise using lock-jaw pliers.

Step 4

Take the caps off of either side of the toilet base. The caps can be lifted straight off from the mounting bolts by hand.

Step 5

Remove the nuts from the toilet base mounting bolts with an adjustable wrench. Turn the nuts counterclockwise.

Step 6

Lift the toilet up and off from the soil pipe flange with the aid of a helper.

Step 7

Stuff a rag tightly into the soil pipe to prevent waste gases from entering.

Step 8

Remove the old mounting bolts by sliding them to the open end of their slots and then pulling each one straight up.

Step 9

Clean any residual wax from the flange and the bottom of the toilet with a scraper.

Step 10

Remove the screws that secure the soil pipe flange to the floor. Turn the screws counterclockwise with a screwdriver.

Step 11

Insert new toilet mount bolts into the slots on either side of the flange.

Step 12

Rotate the soil pipe flange to the position you want the toilet to face using the mount bolts for a guide. Measure from the nearest wall to each mount bolt using a measuring tape to ensure the bolts are an equal distance from the wall.

Step 13

Secure the flange in place. Turn the flange screws clockwise with the screwdriver. Install a new wax seal onto the soil pipe flange and remove the rag from the soil pipe.

Step 14

Align the toilet over the soil pipe flange, guiding it down over each mounting bolt. Press down on either side of the bowl to compress the wax seal between the toilet and the flange.

Step 15

Place the washers over each mounting bolt, followed by a nut. Tighten the nuts by turning each nut clockwise. Apply equal pressure on both sides without over tightening.

Step 16

Cut the excess length of the mounting bolt off with a hack saw. Reattach the caps.

Step 17

Reconnect the water supply line to the tank. Tighten the line fitting by turning it clockwise with the lock-jaw pliers.

Step 18

Turn the water supply on and replace the toilet tank cover.

About the Author

Max Stout began writing in 2000 and started focusing primarily on non-fiction articles in 2008. Now retired, Stout writes technical articles with a focus on home improvement and maintenance. Previously, he has worked in the vocational trades such as automotive, home construction, residential plumbing and electric, and industrial wire and cable. Max also earned a degree of biblical metaphysician from Trinity Seminars Ministry Academy.