Checking the LG High-Efficiency Dryer With the Filter Light Blinking

Mario Calhoun

The LG high-efficiency dryer uses a control panel to indicate potential problems during the drying process, which simplifies the troubleshooting process to restore use. The filter light is one of the many lights on the control panel, and blinks when there is a buildup of lint on the filter. If too much lint accumulates on the filter, it blocks the dryer's ability to provide heat to the clothing. The frequency of cleaning the dryer's filter depends on the amount of use, and requires regular checking to ensure the filter is clear of clogs.

Remove lint buildup on your LG dryer's filter to maintain performance.

Step 1

Press "Start/Pause" to pause the LG dryer or open the door to interrupt the drying cycle.

Step 2

Lift out the lint trap located on the bottom edge of the dryer's opening. Roll your hand or a lint-free cleaning cloth against the lint trap to remove lint from the filter.

Step 3

Tap the filter against a clean surface to clear off remaining lint. Insert the lint trap back into the lint trap's empty slot on the bottom edge of the dryer opening.

Step 4

Press "Start/Pause" to resume the drying cycle.