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How to Add Casters to an Ottoman

Dawn Gibbs

Casters are wheels that you can attach to the base of furniture pieces so they are easy to move. Casters can be lockable or not, depending on your preference. You can either replace the legs with casters if the legs are removable or install the casters directly onto the legs. You will need an electric drill to make the pilot holes in the bottom of the ottoman, and then you can affix the casters with screws and washers.

Ottomans can be leather- or fabric-upholstered.

Step 1

Turn the ottoman over so the bottom is face-up. Unscrew the leg on which you want to add a caster. You can also install the caster right onto the leg without having to remove it.

Step 2

Place the casters against the bottom of the legs if you have not removed them. If you have removed the legs, place the casters in each of the four corners of the ottoman. Mark the four screw holes with a marker so you can drill pilot holes.

Step 3

Use a drill to drive pilot holes through the marks you made. If the ottoman has a hollow middle, do not drill holes through the mark over that part. You will not put a screw there.

Step 4

Position the casters so that the holes line up with the pilot holes. Place a washer over each hole then drive the screws in place. Turn the ottoman upright.