How to Make Felt Pads

A hardwood floor both adds aesthetic appeal and increases the value of a home. While modern wood floors are very durable, they are damaged easily by moving chairs, couches and tables around the room. The sharp edges on the legs of the furniture both scratch and dent the wood surface. The solution to this problem is installing woven felt pads on the bottom of the feet. Woven felt is preferred because it is the most durable type.

Protecting your hardwood floor is done by installing felt pads on your furniture's legs.

Step 1

Turn the piece of furniture on its side. Pull the plastic leg glide from the bottom the furniture leg with pliers.

Step 2

Scuff the bottom of the leg with sandpaper to provide the glue with a rough surface to adhere to.

Step 3

Lay the felt over the bottom of the leg and outline its shape with a marker. Cut along the inside of the line with a sharp pair of scissors.

Step 4

Apply carpenter's glue to both the felt and the bottom of the leg. The glue needs to be evenly spread across the entire surface to assure a tight bond.

Step 5

Align the felt on the bottom of the leg and press into place. Wipe off the extra glue with a damp rag.

Step 6

Lay a sheet of newspaper on the floor to protect it. Turn the furniture over so that its legs are on the newspaper and allow to dry for 24 hours.

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