How to Decorate a Frameless Bathroom Mirror With Seashells

Decorate your frameless bathroom mirror with seashells to accentuate a seaside, ocean or seashell theme, or to simply create a soothing border.
Decorate your frameless bathroom mirror with colorful seashells to add color and texture.Decorate your frameless bathroom mirror with colorful seashells to add color and texture.
The finished look should complement the decor and colors in the bathroom. You can use the seashells directly on the mirror or find other ways to include a seashell design or pattern to decorate the frameless mirror. Avoid permanent changes to the mirror if you are renting.

Step 1

Clean the mirror with glass cleaner. Clean the seashells with soapy water and let them completely dry.

Step 2

Lay the seashells on the mirror or the floor or another flat surface in the pattern you want to use.

Step 3

Add a thin line of your bonding agent -- epoxy, hot glue or bonding cement -- to clean seashells one at a time. Press the shell against the mirror for 30 seconds if you're applying the shells to a mirror that is on the wall. Gravity will help if you are able to lay the mirror on a flat surface while you decorate it.

Things You Will Need

  • Glass cleaner
  • Bonding agent


  • String the shells on clear wire or fishing line and hang them in front of the mirror from small hooks in the ceiling if you don't want to glue them directly onto the mirror.
  • Add a border of seashell stickers or window decals if you want the look of seashells without a permanent change to the mirror.

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