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How to Decorate a Microwave

Sarah Schreiber

When it comes to kitchen décor, the microwave is not the first thing that comes to mind. The idea of decorating a microwave may not even occur to someone, although it can be a distinctive way to spice up the appearance of the room. Since microwaves aren't usually decorated, it's bound to draw attention to anyone who enters the area. Select the technique that interests you.

Spice up a microwave by adding decorative touches.
  1. Attach vinyl window clings to the exterior surface of the microwave. Window clings come in a range of sizes, stick directly to the surface and are easily removable. Create a pattern with small clings around the sides and top of the microwave as well as on the window. Use a large cling that extends from one side to the other for a wrap-around effect.

  2. Paint a mural on your microwave that covers the sides and the top. Use high-gloss acrylic paint for shine. Include the window as well, if you don't use it. Paint smaller patterns or pictures on the microwave if you don't want full coverage.

  3. Use the craft technique of decoupage to decorate the microwave. Create an entire collage or use several small decorative pictures or pieces of paper. Glue the paper onto the microwave and let it dry. Seal in the paper by brushing over an additional coat of glue.

  4. Decorate the window, sides or top of your microwave by cutting a piece of contact paper that's large enough to cover the surface. Contact paper comes in a range of colors and patterns to fit your kitchen decorating tastes.

  5. Use the top of your microwave for a place to display accessories. Keep a vase filled with fresh flowers on top. Place a bowl or basket for fresh fruit. Arrange any collection of small items.