How to Move Furniture on Hardwood Floors Without Scratching

If you own a hardwood floor, you know that hundreds of retailers offer products intended to protect your hardwood floor from a variety of damaging substances, such as dirt and spilled liquids.
Keep your hardwood floors beautiful by moving furniture correctly.Keep your hardwood floors beautiful by moving furniture correctly.
What retailers don’t tell you, however, is that no polish or sealant protects against the deep scratches that can occur when moving furniture over hardwood. That doesn’t mean that you can never rearrange a room’s furniture. Provided you take special precautions, you can move furniture as often as you like without worrying about scratching your hardwood floor.

Step 1

Sweep the floor. Dirt is an abrasive substance. When you move furniture, the furniture will trap dirt particles in its path, drag them across your floor, and scratch the surface. Sweeping prevents this.

Step 2

Walk the route you intend to take with the furniture. Remove any obstacles in your way. Removing obstacles beforehand is much simpler than trying to push small furnishings and other objects out of the way with a large piece of furniture in tow.

Step 3

Remove everything that makes the furniture heavier. For example, removing books from a bookcase or drawers from an armoire reduces the furniture’s weight. Lighter items are less likely to scratch your hardwood floor.

Step 4

Ask a friend or family member for help. Lift the furniture and carry it to its destination. While not all furniture pieces are light enough to carry, lifting and carrying the furniture prevents it from touching the hardwood floor and potentially scratching it.

Step 5

Lift the furniture up on one side. Ask a family member or friend to place furniture glides under the legs of the furniture. Slide the furniture across the floor to its destination. Furniture glides are padded and prevent the item from leaving scratches behind as it moves across the floor.

Step 6

Tilt the piece backward. Ask a helper to push the flat bottom end of a hand truck underneath the tilted furniture. Let the furniture piece down gently. Secure the item to the hand truck with the hand truck’s straps. Roll the hand truck to the furniture’s destination.

Things You Will Need

  • Broom
  • Volunteer
  • Furniture glides
  • Hand truck

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